TSVA Volleyball information

Carl Thompson, 936 Leissner School Rd,

Seguin Texas 78155

Telephone  :830-379-0680  cdthom@att.net

The Texas Senior Volleyball Association (TSVA) continually seeks new players, both male and female to participate in the “lifetime sport of volleyball” with the following organizations.

1.  The USA Volleyball (USAV) and its affiliates in the State of Texas which are Lone Star (LS), North Texas (NT), and Sun Country (SU) Regions.
2.  The National Senior Games Association (NSGA) and its affiliate,  the Texas Senior Games Association (TSGA).
3.  The Huntsman World Senior Games,
St. George, Utah.
4.  The Texas Senior/Master Volleyball, Inc. (TS/MV).

USA Volleyball (USAV)  A NATIONAL organization which sponsors an annual NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT.  The United States is divided into 4 zones, and 40 REGIONS.  It is the largest volleyball association in the USA sponsoring National Championships since 1928 and local games are delegated into REGIONS of the USA.  The 2007 NATIONAL EVENT was conducted in New Orleans during the month of May (always starts Memorial weekend).  The 2007 NATIONAL EVENT will be hosted in the Convention Center in Austin, Texas.  The Lone Star, Sun Country, and North Texas are Texas Regions of USAV and sponsor tournaments on Saturdays throughout cities in Texas starting in November and ending in May prior to the USAV NATIONALS GAMES.

NSGA - A NATIONAL organization which sponsors bi-annual NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES in 18 sports—archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, horseshoes, swimming, table tennis, track & field, triathlon, and VOLLEYBALL.  The next NATIONAL EVENT is scheduled in Houston, Texas, in 2011.  San Francisco, California, conducted the games in 2009.

TSGA – An affiliation of NSGA and the qualifying organization for the NSGA; events are sponsored annually in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Kerrville, Bryan/CS, and El Paso.  Individuals and teams participate at these sites to qualify for the STATE GAMES which are to be held in Houston in October 2010, which the 1st and 2nd place teams of each age group qualify for the NSGA NATIONALS.  There are 18 sports with additional recreational games in TSGA such as dominoes, washers, etc.  The STATE GAMES moved to Austin in 2005 for a 2 year period.

Huntsman World Senior Games - An annual event hosted in St George, Utah.  This is a very worthy organization of many sports open to the WORLD.  Volleyball games are scheduled in October.

TS/MV, Inc. - A VOLLEYBALL association (Registered Non-Profit Organization) created to compete and upgrade the play of volleyball, men and women, in TSGA, NSGA, and USAV.  TS/MV has 3 divisions, (1) JUNIORS (TJVA) ages thru 18; (2) MASTERS (TMVA) ages 30 thru 49; and (3) SENIORS (TSVA) ages 50 thru whatever.

The “SENIORS,” ages 50 years plus, well over  300 players, participate in  PLAY DAYS in Tyler, Arlington, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Lampasas, Waco, Jourdanton, Brownwood, Fort Worth,, and Dale.  Where are some of these places?  The “back roads” of Texas.  The play day fee is usually $10 and the play is patterned after USAV tournaments.  We have no membership fee.

Our organization is open for your participation.  Try us, maybe you will enjoy and make us a more successful organization. Some of us do not play great volleyball anymore; but, many still have a good time; and, at our ages, we forget the bad play quickly.  Please contact me if you desire more information.



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